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St. Germaine Cousin
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  Catholicism Alive:
Reflections on the Mass, part 1 (Robert Maekawa)
  Catholicism Alive:
Reflections on the Mass, part 2 (Robert Maekawa)

The Eucharist (Robert Maekawa)

  The Church (Robert Maekawa)  
  Purgatory and Indulgences (Robert Maekawa)  

We now have the acclaimed Symbolon series online!
Symbolon is an excellent, dynamic video series presenting the "big picture" of the Catholic faith.
Watch it on your computer, smart phone or tablet -- anywhere, any time!
This series is available to all parishioners and may be shared with others as well.
If you need help registering, please contact Robert at 772-6518 or at stg-re-adult@cableone.net.
Learn, live and share the faith through this beautiful resource.



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